04 January 2016

2015 Reading Stats

It's been a long time since I posted on this blog. In September I had something of a crisis in that I wasn't sure what I wanted my blog to be anymore. I was reading books at such a rate that I didn't have time to reflect on them all anymore, and I wasn't entirely sure I actually wanted to reflect on some of them, anyway, because I was unhappy with them.

All that said, I did read a lot in 2015: 116 books all told.

Of those books:

22 were good enough to buy.

106 were fiction and 10 were nonfiction.

3 were audiobooks.

24 were adult (or crossover); 89 young adult; and 2 middle grade.

28 were diverse authors (as far as I could tell); 36 had diverse POVs.

60 were written by authors identifying as female; 51 by male; 5 by multiple authors.

21 of them dealt with mental health issues (rather a lot!)

37 were science fiction/fantasy; 56 were contemporary/literary; 2 were mystery/thriller; 2 were comedy; 1 was historical; 3 were classic; 1 was a manga; and 2 were short story collections.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my reading for the year. I hope to do better next year as regards reading diverse authors, especially diverse authors writing about diverse subject matter.

I also intend to read a bit more nonfiction, though I'll probably still skew toward fiction.

I'm pleased that I read more female authors than male ones; I don't intend to go a year reading no male authors, but I'm glad I achieved gender parity and even weighed on the side of reading more females than males.

Onwards to 2016!