27 July 2015

Midwest Writers Workshop - Day 1

So, I know I said I was going to try and keep up with the workshop on the blog, but holy cow the workshop kept me super busy! So, herein we begin the recaps of the experience.

Day one was the day of intensives. I did a day-long workshop with author (and all-around delightful human being) Christa Desir on how to draw on our own lives to lend authenticity to our writing. We spent a lot of time talking about our lives, doing exercises, and examining what we connect with in storytelling.

There were two workshops in the afternoon, one on pitching and one on querying, and because I despise pitching I went to the querying one instead. I will say that most of the questions in the querying workshop had already been answered on Janet Reid's blog, and I was at a loss as to why everyone doesn't read it.

Indeed, nearly every time querying came up ANYWHERE in the conference, certain questions kept coming up. Maybe people were just nervous and wanted something to say.

The final event of the evening was a welcome, keynote address (by Michael Shelden, on how to get serious about success), and then a Find Your Tribe activity, where I got to meet the other YA writers at the conference. We were such a big group we had to stay in the assembly hall, so there wasn't a whole lot of one-on-one camaraderie, but it was still cool.

And then I went to my hotel room and slept.