18 June 2015

Fifty Books in Five Months: The Statistics

At the beginning of 2015 I set myself the goal of reading at least 52 books throughout the course of the year. I dug right in, checked out whatever I felt like, and started working at my rather extensive to-read list.

I realized within a month or so that I was ahead of pace for my goal and, in fact, as of 1 June 2015 I had read fifty books and was halfway through number fifty-one.

It seemed like a good time to sit back and reflect on what I'd read.

First, the statistics:

Of the fifty books, 48 were fiction and 2 were nonfiction.

39 were YA, 11 were adult, though two of those could be considered cross-category.

27 were by female authors and 23 were by male authors. 10 books were by authors that identified as diverse (I was not familiar enough with all the authors to say for certain this is a complete number).

15 books featured diverse point-of-view characters.

11 of them—more than 20%—dealt with mental health issues in some way, including mental illness, suicide, schizophrenia, and PTSD.

19 were science fiction or fantasy; 24 were contemporary (or, in the adult category, "literary"); 1 was a thriller; 2 were comedies; 1 was historical; 1 was a classic; and 2 were nonfiction, which I lumped together.

Of the fifty, 2 of them I bought sight-unseen; I bought 11 more after reading and loving them; and there is 1 that I haven't bought yet but I intend to when I next order books.

I learned a lot about my own tastes, and about writing, reading, and publishing in general. I'll be sharing those thoughts in the coming days.