26 June 2015

Chateau Seguineau Bordeaux 2010

Ah, Bordeaux. I've had some truly fine Bordeaux wine before, but it's few and far between. I haven't hit on many gems in the $20 or less range, but it's still fun to explore.

Chateau Seguineau's 2010 was a deep rouge color, with a nose full of raisin, pipe tobacco, and vanilla notes. It had a tart, sharp, biting acidity, with chewy tannins and loads of leather. The fruits were subdued but present, mostly black cherry and black currant flavors, and the finish was dry—big surprise there.

It was not a bad wine at all. It probably would have cellared really well, since it improved as it breathed. Still, though, not as much bang for the buck as, say, Rioja.