26 March 2015

The Lynburn Legacy Short Stories

I don’t recall exactly why I had looked up THE LYNBURN LEGACY again on Goodreads after having finished the three novels, but I noticed there were three short stories that went with it, and that they were free, so I went ahead and grabbed them and read them. They were indeed short stories - ten to fifteen pages each, and they filled in some of the gaps left in the larger narrative.

THE SPRING BEFORE I MET YOU gave us a gilmpse into Jared’s life before the rest of the Lynburns found him and his mother living in San Francisco. We get glimpses of his rough edges, his anger, his yearning for his mother’s love despite the fact she seems to loathe him - but also glimpses of his softer side, the side that loves to read, that will wait for someone in the rain to make sure they’re safe. It was a quiet story, almost a psychological study, and I don’t know that it gave us anything we didn’t already know. It was enjoyable, though.

THE SUMMER BEFORE I MET YOU was the story of Kami and Angela assisting at a summer cricket camp, and showed us a Kami that we already knew: determined, spirited, witty, driven. This was before her grandmother had died, though, and so it was a Kami with less sadness. This was the summer of Claud (a hilarious romantic interlude), the summer that Rusty came back to Sorry-in-the-Vale. Again, it didn’t really tell us anything we didn’t know, but it gave us some nice, tender moments with pre-Lynburn Kami, and showed her being pretty kick-ass, in surprising ways.

THE NIGHT AFTER I LOST YOU takes place immediately after the end of UNSPOKEN, and is told from Ash’s perspective, lost amongst his own guilty conscience and confused about where he belongs. He desperately wants approval - his mother’s, his father’s, Jared’s - and yet, despite his moments of weakness, there is steel inside of him, and the refusal to commit murder. He found his own strength, but much too late. He’d already betrayed everyone he knew.

Meanwhile, Jared and Lilian were lost in their own worlds of hurt inside Aurimere. We saw the aftermath of Jared’s cruelty to Kami - both on Kami, left in heartbreaking tears, and on Jared, left in a destructive rage built of his own regret. What surprised me here was seeing Angela comfort Kami more lovingly than I ever expected - and seeing how badly Kami was, indeed, hurt.

Again, though, there wasn’t much new.

It was fun to revisit the world of THE LYNBURN LEGACY but I'm glad they were short stories. I think too much would have detracted from the originals.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy them, though.