13 March 2015

Cune Rosado Rioja Alta

I'm in Orlando, Florida this week for work. Which means sun and warm weather.

Which means ROSÉ!

I enjoyed a glass of Cune Rosado Rioja Alta at the Columbia Restaurant (one of the best Spanish restaurants I have ever been to). It was my first Spanish rosé, and I was not too surprised to find it similar in style to French rosés, yet different enough to stand on its own.

The wine was a deep salmon color, darker than most rosés I've had before, with a darker nose to match: red roses, grapefruit peel, and a hint of loamy minerality.

It had a full, round mouthfeel, a little tart but mostly smooth, with hints of strawberry candy (it made me think of Red Vines) and, once more, a bit of candied grapefruit peel.

It was a wonderful glass, and a beautiful accompaniment to my Columbia 1905 Salad.