16 March 2015

Crognolo Toscana Tenuta Sette Point 2012

I ate a late meal at La Luce in the Orlando Hilton Bonnet Creek, and since it had an extensive Italian wine list, and I've not had a lot of Italian wine adventures, I decided to be bold and requested our waiter choose something for me. She chose this.

The wine was blood red, with metallic and tobacco notes in the nose, and subtle hints of red fruit. It was forward and robust, in-your-face like I have come to expect from Tuscan wines.

The taste revealed surprising amounts of fruit, even though the wine was super-dry. It had oaky, tannic notes and hints of walnut, and a velvety mouthfeel. The finish lasted for days.

It was expectedly good with the cheese plate I shared, but unexpectedly good with the flourless chocolate cake one of my dining companions ordered. It was, in fact, superb.

I still haven't gotten my brain wrapped around Italian wines, but I plan to keep on exploring.