10 March 2015

Approaching Vacation

Tomorrow I leave for Orlando, Florida for work, and after that it's straight to Vancouver, BC for vacation. I expect blog posts to be fairly intermittent during that time, though I expect I will write posts about THE ALEX CROW, which I picked up in the store today, as well as THE RAVEN BOYS trilogy as I make it through them.

I am pondering re-reading THE LORD OF THE RINGS while I'm on vacation; I haven't decided for sure yet. I definitely want to take the time to re-read 100 SIDEWAYS MILES.

I want to write 2000 words a day on vacation, at least; in fact, the best thing ever would be if I could finally finish banging out this rough draft I'm working on. It's meandered quite a bit in the writing, but I think I'm finally on the right track and ready for the race to the climax.

And, of course, like all good vacations, it will include as much tea as I can drink and as much Persian food as I can eat.