05 February 2015

Valminor Albariño

My latest offering from the wine club was this bottle of Valminor Albariño, from (as usual) Rias Baixas. This was Valminor's special ten-year edition (if my Spanish is accurate), and it certainly stood out as a unique, special Albariño.

To start with, it was much darker than I expected, tending toward a deep gold color rather than the pale straw I was expecting. It looked more like a California Chardonnay than an Albariño.

The nose was different, too - full of floral notes rather than citrus, more buttery than crisp.

The fruit, normally so forward and light in Albariños, was subdued. I doubt this wine saw any oak but at times it felt like it, it was so heavy and assertive. The acidity was sharp, and at times it seemed almost fizzy - but I don't think it was truly semi-sparkling. It just felt that way.

This was a lovely wine. Though it was different than the norm, it really opened my eyes to what Albariño could do when given the chance to express itself.