25 February 2015

The Vast and Brutal Sea by Zoraida Cordova

THE VAST AND BRUTAL SEA is the final book in Zoraida Cordova's Vicious Deep trilogy, and it has the same virtues - and the same faults - as the previous two books.

When we left off, Tristan had found out Kurt was his uncle, a rival heir to the Sea Throne, and his almost-girlfriend Layla had been kidnapped by Nieve, the evil sea witch.

THE VAST AND BRUTAL SEA picks up with Tristan, his cousin Brendan, and his friend Kai on their way to find and awaken the Sleeping Giants, to try and turn the tables on Nieve.

Like the previous two novels, THE VAST AND BRUTAL SEA was a fun, breezy read, with memorable and delightful characters, quick pacing, action and adventure. The world was well-built, and we got to see even more of the backstory and history of the merfolk Cordova created.

But, like the previous two novels, it was lacking in feeling. And there were so many great moments that could have been amazing if they were allowed to breathe. Betrayals. Lovers torn apart. Lovers reunited. Deaths. Triumphs and heartbreaks.

Every time, the emotion was skimmed over. It was so frustrating.

For all that, though, I really did like the trilogy. I liked the voice, I liked the characters, I liked the world. I just wish it had taken that extra step, risked sharing that emotion. Then I think I would have loved it.