05 December 2014

Méthode Noir

It came!

I ran out of Steven Smith Teamaker's Methode Noir in August of 2013 and was unable to replenish my supply - the tea had run its course. Now, it's back, in a limited edition. And mine came today.

Last time, it came in string-tie cartons with sachets. This time, it's loose leaf, in a special black lacquer wooden box.

In my memories I had this idea formed of how heavenly the aroma of even the dry tea leaves were, but the memory didn't do the reality justice. They are so fragrant, so full of Pinot Noir - black cherry and earth - that it's unbelievable that this is tea and not wine.

Ohh so good!

I am enjoying my first cup right now, savoring it long and slow. I will no doubt write more about it when I'm in a more of a tasting mindset. For now, I'm keeping the flavors and aromas all for me.