04 December 2014

Domaine Besson Givry Premier Cru Le Petit Prétan 2009

I should point out, first and foremost, that I definitely should have decanted this bottle. Five years was not nearly long enough. But I did take my time savoring it - I ended up drinking most of the bottle myself, over the course of 3 or four hours, so it got time to breathe in the glass and in the bottle. I drank it at a Thanksgiving dinner with my oldest friends. Most of them are not into wine so I had most of it to myself. We drank it out of (if memory serves) Nachtmann Vivendi Pinot Noir glasses, so the wine had plenty of room to work its magic.

Earthy describes most fine Burgundies to me, and this wine from Le Petit Prétan was no different. The nose was intensely meaty, with smoke and leather notes overpowering most everything else. It was tight and dense, but I dove right in.

The first taste was overpoweringly acidic, but that smoothed out to hits of loam, tea leaf, mulch, and in the background, this river of black cherry ran through it.

I wish I had paid closer attention to how this wine developed over the evening and made additional notes. I can only go off my (somewhat drunken) recollections.

I remember the acidity mellowing considerably, and the tannins becoming more noticeably pleasing. I remember it being dry throughout, but that the black cherries came to the fore.

It was a wonderful Burgundy, and my last bottle that I had cellaring. I will have to replenish soon.