11 December 2014

Carry On: An Essay in GIFs

So, it was revealed yesterday that Rainbow Rowell is writing CARRY ON, the fanfiction that Cather was writing in FANGIRL.

I legitimately predicted this would be her next book this past October, as seen here on The Twitter:

This was actually not long after I finished reading FANGIRL, and so it was still fresh on my mind. Besides, from the excerpts included in FANGIRL, it actually seemed like it would be a fun read.

Fast forward two months, and an article appears on Barnes & Noble revealing that, yes, that is the next book.

I naturally freaked out a little bit. I wanted her to write the book and now she is. To quote April Ludgate:

I could go on about my predictive powers...

But I think it is more fun to simply sit back and anticipate (breathlessly!) CARRY ON's release. When will it be? Who knows. But this is how I will feel when it comes out: