20 November 2014

The Endless River

I've been listening to Pink Floyd's The Endless River quite a bit since I bought it last week. It's been bittersweet, getting this new album after all this time, but knowing it'll be the last.

It's been touted as a tribute to Richard Wright, and his presence is all over the album, his haunting keyboard work there but not there, as always.

The name of the album couldn't be more fitting. It truly is an endless flow of music, and it's great to write to. I haven't had the chance yet to listen while not doing other things - sit lay on the floor, play it full volume, and really listen. But I hope to soon.

Meanwhile, I've enjoyed it immensely, and it's been great to NaNoWriMo to.

I was going to embed the official music video for "Louder Than Words," but Pink Floyd hasn't posted it on YouTube yet.