23 November 2014

Penfolds Thomas Hyland 2012

Australia is a wine region I have very little experience with, and I have been slowly trying to remedy that. Penfolds is one of the most recognizable names in Australian wine, while remaining one of its finest producers as well. Their Grange frequently tops best-of wine lists all around. I've yet to taste Grange but hope to some day.

Meanwhile, this Cabernet Sauvignon from Adelaide was an affordable bottle and a good entry point.

It was inky purple in my glass, with a heavy, robust body to it as I swirled. Its nose was decidedly tart, with notes of dried cranberries, vanilla, cinnamon, and toasted nuts. A surprisingly complex nose for such a young wine. This boded well.

The taste was dominated by red fruits, young and bright and sharp. Boisterous, even. The tannins were a little underwhelming, a bit green, and I was a bit disappointed, because more tannic structure would've tied it together nicely. The nose wrote a check that the taste failed to deliver.

Ultimately, it was a decent wine, but it was very young and very front-heavy. Would I get it again? Actually, I probably would, to see if age would do it any better or if my bottle was a typical. Or if my mood was simply uncharitable. That does happen!