06 November 2014

Move Over, Bacon

Okay, I have a confession to make.

I have discovered a pork product I like even more than bacon.

GASP! Scandalous, I know. But hear me out. Two words.

Spanish. Chorizo.

This delicious substance is my new favorite thing to cook with. I put it in stuffings, I put it in frittatas, I put it in soups, I put it in just about anything I think it will go in. It's at its best when you render it in some olive oil or other fat for a while before adding other ingredients.

When I use chorizo I don't bother with other seasonings besides salt and pepper (and bay leaf, in the case of soups). The flavor of chorizo is so rich and complex that it infuses the whole meal and I don't need to add anything.

Today for lunch I had a chorizo-and-broccoli frittata. It was amazing and made everyone around me jealous. I plan to have more chorizo in the future.

My next goal is to make some Chorizo Cardiac Care Mac & Cheese.