03 November 2014

Koyle Gran Reserva 2011

This month, the wine club offerings were both Cabernets from 2011. The first came from the Colchagua Valley in Chile: Koyle's 2011 Gran Reserva.

I haven't had very much Chilean Cabernet. In fact, this might have been my first. Usually I have Carménère if I'm drinking Chilean wine. But this was quite drinkable.

It was a deep plum color, and the body seemed much lighter than Napa Cabs. Granted, usually when I drink Napa Cabernet it's of the big, bold variety. But even so, this seemed nearly as airy as Pinot Noir.

It had a herbal nose that put me in the mind of lemony thyme. The nose didn't have a lot of fruit in it, but the taste revealed plenty of inky black fruits, positioned against a ton (really, it was a lot!) of oak. The tannins were a bit too harsh, and the wine came off overly dry to me. But I bet a few years in the bottle would mellow it just fine.