22 October 2014

Sensory Deprivation Closet

Woo! I am not caught up...on book "reflections." I didn't realize how deep my backlog was until I decided it was time to eliminate it.

My backlog of bottles is only three deep. That's a much more manageable number. So, for good or ill, time to share some thoughts.

In interviews about her book I'll Give You The Sun, Jandy Nelson talks about the sensory deprivation tank she wrote in - essentially, a dark room with a noise machine going (not a full tank), and the only light source the screen of her computer. I'm doing NaNoWriMo next month (good god, it's only 9 days away!) and so decided to try it for myself.

The only room in my apartment that gets suitably dark is my walk-in closet, so I cleared out a corner of it to write in. I don't have a noise machine, just an app on my iPhone, but I pretty much always write with music so I am unsure if I should stick with music or use the app.

I don't really make Playlists for my stories. Rather, there are artists that generally speak to me and inspire me for that particular story. The story I'm writing for NaNo is deeply connected to my love of Pink Floyd. So I'll probably be listening to them on repeat. It helps that their new album comes out in November, too. YEA!

The last two nights, I wrote in the Sensory Deprivation Closet as well, just to sort of give it a test run, but I wrote on my current WIP. I don't know if it did anything special for me...yet. But if nothing else, I was able to avoid distractions. I even turned off my Wifi so I could avoid the temptation of the Internet.

Ultimately, I think it's going to help. And if I can get to the place Jandy Nelson describes - where the light of the screen becomes a window into the world of the story - so much the better.

In the immortal words of Liz Lemon: I want to go to there.