11 October 2014

Mayu 2013 Pedro Ximénez

Now this was an interesting wine. At first I thought Pedro Ximénez was the name of the producer, but no: it's the name of the grape varietal. It's a Spanish grape that is normally used to produce Sherry.

This particular bottle comes from Chile's Elqui Valley. It's my first experience with this grape and this region.

Mayu's 2013 was a pale straw color, and packed a big mouthful of acidity right off the bat. I could smell it even before I tasted it. There was a ton of citrus juice and grapefruit peel in the nose.

It was, as I expected, extremely tart, but also steely. There was no oak that I could detect, though there were some herbal notes, like fresh mint. It was a bit sharp, actually.

Overall, it was a potent, powerful white, though a bit off balance. I do not have enough experience with this grape to know how it ages. Perhaps it would balance out after a year in its bottle. If I get more, I will age some and find out.