17 October 2014

2011 Luciano Sandrone Barbera d'Alba

I’ve been exploring the world of Italian wines as much as I can. I was at my friend’s birthday dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant when I selected this bottle to share.

The wine was a deep crimson, as best I could tell with the mood lighting, with a robust, heavy body. It had a nose full of toffee and leathery notes. Maybe even hints of chocolate.

It was very round on the tongue, very lush, with oaky and earthy notes. My first tasting note said there was very little fruit in it. But NO! After a few seconds on the tongue, it opened up to surprise me with a big hit of blackberry flavors.

It was still super-dry, with a lot of acidity, especially on the lingering finish. But all in all, it was a lovely, adventuresome wine.