10 October 2014

Chanan 2011

I was so excited for this Chilean red. But then I opened it, and poured myself a glass, and took a sniff.

It had hints of wet dog, and a bit of sulfur.

Usually this is a sign of either TCA (cork taint) or brett (brettanomyces), both of which will spoil a wine. I wasn’t sure which, though, and I’d already bought it, so I thought: What the hell?

The taste had hints of blueberry and licorice...that were soundly overpowered by the taste of tar, tire, and, more than anything, dirty arcade tokens.

Ultimately, I wasn’t sure what had spoiled it. The acrid taste of coins made me think TCA, but the scent of sulfur made me think brett.

I wish I had saved it to take back to my wine store, because they are wine geeks too and love to try and figure out where things went bad. If I have another bad bottle I will definitely save it.