29 October 2014

2011 Gundlach Bundschu Mountain Cuvee

Oh, man. I'd been saving this bottle for when I wanted something truly delicious, and that day came a few nights ago.

I had a small taste of this wine some weeks ago at a tasting of wines from Gundlach Bundschu; it was my favorite that night.

It was the same beautiful ruby color I remembered, with a round, perfectly proportioned body. It had heft to it, but it was still light enough not to be overbearing.

It had cherry and raspberry notes again, but this time I also picked up some herbal notes in the nose, too. It definitely didn't have as long to breathe this time. I was probably a little impatient with it.

The taste had more of a black cherry flavor than I remembered. My initial tasting revealed hints of candied fruit peel, but this time it had deeper, drier fruit, and the tannins were more robust, especially on my first glass. It did mellow as I hit my second glass, and that lovely balance returned.

There was a bit of slate on the finish, something I didn't remember at all, but it cleaned the palate nicely and left me wanting more.