15 September 2014

Premeditated by Josin L McQuein

I’d had my eye on this book for some time, from reading about it over on QueryShark, but working on my new novel (a thriller...ish) made me want to delve into the genre more, so I finally had a good excuse to read it.

It’s a brilliant premise: girl goes undercover at a private school to ruin the life of the boy who drove her cousin to attempt suicide.

But within that, there’s so much more. I didn’t expect it to be so, for lack of a better world, normal. While Dinah is plotting to destroy the life of Brooks Walden, she’s also a normal teenager, going to a new high school. Her snap judgments of her classmates, her sardonic assessment of her teachers, her deep relationships with her two best friends - these things all read so true. 

It was like a perfect slice of life. Except with, you know, REVENGE.

All thrillers need a good twist, and this one was no different. McQuein did an awesome job peppering in clues and red herrings, and I was pleased with myself when I put the pieces together well before Dinah did. It didn’t feel like I’d broken the novel - it felt like I was rewarded for being a careful reader.

Reading Premeditated, I got a lot of great genre knowledge in general, and some specific ideas for my own novel that I think will bear delicious, thrilling fruit.

I’m so glad I read it and I was sad when it was over, and though I won’t spoil the ending, I will say that it was well-earned and poignant. I loved it.