30 September 2014

La Vieille Ferme 2012 Récolte rosé

Ah, The Old Farm. At least, I’m fairly certain that’s how it translates.

I’ve had both the rouge and blanc from La Vieille Ferme, and actually, I think I’ve had a previous vintage of their rosé. It never hurts to revisit.

The wine was a deep blush color, with a nose full of mineral notes. It was a bit sweeter on the palate than my previous bottle of rosé [LINK], but it was still dry and structured. It had tropical flavors like mango on the front, but surprising notes of cedar on the finish. A yummy wine with some Thai food - it cut through the spice beautifully.

I’m sad to say this might very well be my last bottle of rosé for the year, now that we’re in to fall. Cold weather means red wine to me!