03 September 2014

Grace Slick's Dreams

One of my favorite albums ever is Grace Slick's Dreams. I first heard it a few years ago when a friend was playing it, and it's haunted me ever since.

First off, Grace Slick's voice is just freaking amazing. No doubt about that.

But the entire album is full of beautiful lyrics and stirring music, from the beautiful piano in the title track to the amazing flamenco-style guitar of "El Diablo" and everything in between.

I have Dreams on heavy rotation in the car, at work and at home. A look at my iTunes stats shows only three songs have more play that "Dreams": "Dogs," "Coming Back to Life," and "High Hopes" by Pink Floyd.

Now, if iTunes counted all versions of the same song for the purposes of Most Played counts, there would be more Pink Floyd tracks up there, but that doesn't change the fact that I listen to Dreams A LOT.

Someone uploaded the music video for "Dreams" onto YouTube, and I've put it below. Enjoy!