18 September 2014

A Writing Exercise

I've undertaken a writing exercise suggested by the inimitable Janet Reid in one of her QueryShark posts: I am writing out an entire book to absorb the good writing in it.

More accurately, I am typing it out. Word for word, into my computer. But not in Word, because Word makes me mad. I'm doing it in Pages '09, because that's my favorite word processor (I'm still mad at Pages '13 for the time being).

What book did I choose? John Corey Whaley's Noggin, which has one of my favorite voices. It was a tough choice between it and Andrew Smith's Winger, but I decided on Noggin because it was a little nearer to what I was trying to accomplish in my own work.

I'm doing 10+ pages a day, so that works out to one month of this project. I'm five days in now, and I've already gotten some great ideas, worked out some problems I was having, and more than that, I am appreciating this story - which I loved - even more.

I'd recommend this exercise to anyone who wants to improve, or who is simply stuck. Sometimes you just need to try something new to get out of a slump. This is working.