29 August 2014

Tor Beckstoffer To Kalon Vineyard Clone 4 2011

After experiencing Tor’s wines at Bistro 360 in Nashville (on the same excursion that resulted in my first taste of Chateau Margaux), my good friends signed up for the mailing list, and this bottle was from this year’s release.

The To Kalon Vineyard is one of the most hallowed sites in Napa, spoken in the same reverent tones as Pritchard Hill and...well, that’s the only other amazing place I can think of off the top of my head. Anyway, the terroir comes through so beautifully. You can just taste where this wine came from. It’s delicious.

The wine was deep, beautiful garnet. Having been through one bottle of wine already (shared with friends) I was a bit buzzed and forgot to decant this bottle, so its nose was tight and closed and malty. It opened up as we drank but at that point I was too busy enjoying to take more notes. I just remember it was GOOD.

Even without decanting, it was oh so smooth, bursting with red apple and cinnamon notes. The tannins were sharp at first, but they smoothed out as we drank.

It was a delightful bottle, a great followup to the 2010 Anniversary Cuvee, and could not have been drunk in better company.