16 August 2014

Summer is for Rosé!

Yesterday I had three (count 'em, THREE!) glasses of rosé over the course of the day, one with lunch and two with dinner.

I didn't take extensive notes, since it was not an appropriate venue and I didn't get to see the bottles anyway, but I do have some reflections on them.

The first glass was from Austria. I had it at Affäre, a Modern-German restaurant in downtown Kansas City with a delicious lunch of seared sirloin, plus a starter of pretzel bread and delicious wursts. I had the presence of mind to write its name down: Sattler Burgenland 2013 Rosé. Ermagerd it was good. So fruity and light, almost like a Riesling.

Then I had dinner at Justus Drugstore, a Farm-to-Table restaurant in Smithville, Missouri. I had two glasses of rosé from France, but I did not have the presence of mind to write them down.

One was fruity, and I think it came from the Loire because it had that airy quality that I associate with Vouvray. Actually, I think it came from Chinon.

The second glass was drier, and definitely came from the Rhone Valley, and it too was delightful.

I almost never go after rosé. But I'm glad I did yesterday. Summer's almost up, so I'll have to get in a bit more while I can.