10 August 2014

So Tired!

Ugh, I am so tired today! I lack any thoughts to share on the blog other than my general malaise.

Actually, no, I do have a few thoughts. Last night I worked Kansas City's own TEDx event, aptly named TEDxKC, and there were some takeaways I suppose.

Speaker Ondi Timoner, a documentary filmmaker, mentioned research done that shows our brains get a hit of dopamine when we post something on social media and get attention for it.

That explains why I feel giddy when someone favorites or retweets me.

Author/Comedian/Technologist Baratunde Thurston, author of How To Be Black, talked about finding comedy in unexpected places, especially on the web, and shared Timesify, a gem of a website that will make whatever embarrassing article you're reading appear as if it's from the New York Times. Hilarious...

And Michel Laberge, a physicist from Vancouver, talked about how nuclear fusion may be within reach in our lifetimes. Which is cool.

And then after the show we loaded it all out, took down the giant inflatable screen from outside, and I got home at 2AM and promptly slept for a long time.

So, yea.