09 August 2014

Reflections on Rewriting

I came across this blog post today, shared via Twitter:


It can be hard to self-assess like this. No matter how many times you go through and kill your babies, you probably left some in that you just can't see. That being said, as I read through the article, I was heartened, because I had made a lot of hard but necessary changes in my manuscript. I was very lucky to have good beta readers and critique partners along the way.

Some of the things that I did, without being too specific:

-Removed the opening
-Wrote a new opening
-Removed that opening too
-Wrote a third opening
-Yup, that went as well
-Changed ending
-Changed ending again
-Added secondary love interest
-Removed secondary love interest
-Added several characters
-Removed several characters
-Completely changed motivation of main character
-Overhauled main character's arc several times

Justine's blog post has an excellent section on line editing, too. She touches on a problem that I myself have: overusing certain words. Putting my manuscript into a word cloud helped me identify mine.

So, back to writing!