30 August 2014

Ramey Wines Tasting

Last Monday I got to attend a tasting of 6 bottlings from Ramey Wine Cellars. We tried six wines in an hour, and though my note-taking wasn't up to its usual standard, I did jot down what I could, and I thought it would be fun to share.

Wine #1: 2011 Ramey Sonoma Coast Chardonnay. It turns out winemaker David Ramey is an amazing vintner of Chardonnay. I had only ever had his reds before, but this was impeccable. It had a nose of toast and firewood. It was acidic, round, with floral and petrol flavor notes, along with a touch of lemon curd. Aged in 25% new oak for one year. [I find that out from the gentleman leading the tasting. I am not such an expert that I can tell that by taste.]

Wine #2: 2011 Ramey Russian River Valley Chardonnay. Tasty but meatier than #1. A lot more fruit forward, with tropical notes. 25% new oak for one year.

Wine #3: 2010 Ramey Hudson Vineyard Chardonnay. OH. MY. GOD. I've never had such amazing Chardonnay from the USA. It's like a beautiful White Burgundy in complexity, but it's all-American in its flavors. Airy, light, buttery, with hints of orange marmalade and chalk. It was powerful but smooth all the way to the lingering finish. 50% new oak for 18 months.

Wine #4: 2012 Ramey Claret. The 2007 Ramey Claret was my first bottle of Ramey and it's what started my love affair with David Ramey's wines. The 2012 was bold, with licorice and red currant notes, opening up to candy flavors. It had nice round tannins, more grapey than woody. I can't wait to try it with some barbecue.

Wine #5: 2011 Ramey Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Oaky, woodsy, opening up to raisiny flavors. I got some hints of potato and rosemary, too. I bet it's amazing with steak.

Wine #6: 2012 Ramey Sonoma Coast Syrah. This was actually my first Syrah from Sonoma. Most of my Syrah tastings have been from Paso Robles, Spain, France, or Washington State (I'm looking at you, K Vintners!). This was nice, though: full of cherry flavor, super food-friendly, and nice floral notes, too.

Sadly, my tolerance for alcohol is pretty low, so I only got a few sips of each wine - less than half of the tasting pour in my glass, and even then I knew if I had more I'd be buzzed. I'm very sad about that, because I would have liked to taste them more.

But I bought some, so I'll get that opportunity in the future.