14 August 2014

Naveran 2011 Cava

Now here was an interesting bottle.  Vintage Cava.  I know, right?

I’ve had Cava a few times before, but this was my very first vintage bottle.  It was a surprise.

The wine was pale straw colored, darker than most champagnes I’ve had before.  It put me in the mind of a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris.  

It was quite bubbly.  I’m not familiar enough with sparkling wine to be able to say much more than that on the quality of its bubbles.

The nose had notes of citrus fruits and flowers.  The taste had subtle hints of honey and pear.

It was an easy-drinking wine, enjoyable just sitting on a summer afternoon and drinking it without accompaniment.  I’ll pay more attention to Cava from now on.