21 August 2014

Childhood Mental Illness

I read this amazing article yesterday, but I'd already blogged about something, so I saved it for today!

In Praise of Oddballs and Unexpected Flavors

I will allow you to read before you continue, so that my comments have context...

It was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. What Dr. Vlock wrote about her son not expecting to survive to twelve - that he expected to commit suicide before then - really hit home to me. When I was at my own lowest point and having suicidal thoughts, it wasn't until I was 15. For Benjy to be having them at age 11 is just painful to me.

But you know what? As painful as it was, the article also made me feel very reassured. One of the hallmarks of depression is feelings of isolation. It's good to remember that we're not alone.

I'm in a much better place now and I hope Benjy gets there too. And meanwhile, I hope he gets to read things that remind him that he is not alone, either.