24 July 2014

Teatime with Steven Smith Teamaker's Kandy

For teatime today I'm having a cup of Kandy, a blend of three Ceylon teas made by Steven Smith Teamaker.

Full disclosure, I've had the pleasure of meeting Steven Smith, at the 2012 Pacific Northwest Tea Festival.  He was a really cool guy and I enjoyed the chance I had to chat with him briefly about tea.

So, on to Kandy: Kandy is a blend of Dimbulla, Uva, and Nuwara Eliya teas.  The designations refer to the regions the teas are grown in Sri Lanka.

Per the packet's instructions, I googled the Palace of the Sacred Tooth while the tea was steeping.  Turns out it's located in Kandy, Sri Lanka, whence this tea takes its name.

It's a lovely brew, with a subtle spice in its aroma.  It's got a natural sweetness in its taste, which is bold but not overpowering.

I've had it in the morning several times (first thing, before breakfast) and while it was good then, it is even better now for afternoon tea, when I can relax a little bit more (and escape from the humdrum day!).

So...yeah.  Going to enjoy the rest of my cup and look at pictures of this crazy palace.