27 July 2014

Strange Dreams

I don't remember my dreams very often, but the last few weeks I've remembered quite a few.  Most of my dreams of late have been laden with anxiety, which is not entirely surprising given what's going on in my life, both professionally and personally.

In other words, lots of crap.

Last night, though, I actually had a good dream.  Things were going all right.  It was kind of nice for a change.

In other news, I'm nearly finished with Andrew Smith's Grasshopper Jungle, which I am enjoying immensely.  And I've written the first chapter of my next novel.  So, yea.  It's still fun right now, as I coast along in the What a brilliant idea phase, which is of course the best phase.

Come to think of it, the only other phase I have is the It's all crap! phase, which is, of course, terrible.

I hope to put that phase off as long as possible.