02 July 2014

Something New

I've decided to try something new, and post every single day here.  Given my pace of reading and drinking, most of the posts will therefore be banter.  Hopefully it won't be too inane.

For some time, my sister has been begging me to watch Downton Abbey, and I finally got started on it.  I am not surprised that I got hooked, but I am curious.  It's hard to quantify what it is about Downton that is so very appealing.  Maybe it's the voyeuristic quality of peeping in to these fictional people's lives.  Maybe it's the continuing American obsession with British aristocracy.  Maybe it's just damned good writing.

Probably a lot of that.

My sister also pointed out an uncanny likeness on the show, and even made a graphic to show it, which I have included below.