21 July 2014

K Vintners Syrah Milbrandt Vineyard 2011

I bought two bottles of K Vintners Milbrandt Vineyard (Wahluke Slope) Syrah 2011 to share with a table of ten at a dinner in Dallas, TX.  I didn’t take very extensive notes, since I’ve had so much experience with K’s wines, but I did make a few for comparison.

It had more fruit than the 2010s, which is what I’ve mostly been drinking of K’s wines lately.  It was bursting with cherry and blackberry flavors.  The tannins were a bit smoother than in years past.  What was most intriguing was this hint of almond toffee in the nose.

It was super pleasant and a true crowd pleaser, as I knew it would be.

Slightly inebriated (I had a glass of Tokaji with dessert as well), I tried to call the winery’s phone number on the cork, but only reached their voicemail.  I was going to tell them how much I loved their wine, but I ended up hanging up on the voicemail because it seemed less fun to tell a machine.

Maybe they screen their calls specifically to avoid drunk people.