29 July 2014

Customer Service Success

Who knew 20th Century Fox had such good customer service?  I recently had trouble with a Blu Ray I purchased some time ago (like April) and have only now got around to trying to watch.  Turns out it would not play in my PS3 at all, and when I tried it in a Blu Ray player, the center audio track did not work - only the music tracks.  Weird, I know.

I tried returning it to the store (Target) where I got it, but they could only replace it with a like item - which is what I wanted anyway - but they didn't have any more in stock.

Enter my sister, who decided to call 20th Century Fox and see if they'd replace it - and they did!  I actually can't believe it.  After so many nightmarish customer service experiences, it's truly wonderful to have a win.

Kind of a weird thing to blog about, I know, but I'm really impressed!