03 July 2014

Being vs. Seeming

So, day two (or three, if you count Monday as the start) of my plan to post something every day.

I've been pondering Hamlet lately, particularly my time spent studying it in college.  We spent probably two months examining the play in my "Forms of Dramatic Action" class, which ended up kind of being a Theater Theory class...

Anyway, the thing that stuck most with me is how our instructor focused on one particular theme in the play, that of being vs. seeming.

I don't know how much I bought that as an interpretation of the text at the time, truth be told, though that didn't stop me from doing a research paper on it.  I don't know that it's necessarily the whole point of Hamlet.

But what I come to realize more and more - especially in writing - is how that tension is at the heart of what makes writing so fun, and what makes a good story so good.

When you defy expectations, when you throw a curve ball, when the plot takes a sharp left turn...those are the most exciting points in a story.

So maybe my professor was right after all.  Maybe being vs. seeming is, in truth, at the heart of every story.