01 July 2014

Barone de Cles Primo Teroldego

I haven’t had a lot of experience with wines from the Teroldego grape.  It seems to be gaining traction here in the US, though.  I think this is the second Teroldego I’ve tasted and the first entire bottle I’ve had.

The wine was a deep blood red, full of spicy, leathery scents.  It was surprising; I didn’t quite know what to make of it at first.

The taste was bright, full of blueberry flavors and easy tannins.  Once again, it was quite different from my expectations.

I often have found young Italian wines unapproachable, but this was the opposite - approachable, easy-drinking, casual, even.  It was quite enjoyable with food or without.


Books: Nearly done with The Good Son.

Bottles: Chateau Sylvain Raymond Graves 2011.

Writing: Mostly been reading the last few days.  Got a whole bunch of books at once.

Guitar: Thinking about scales again.