09 June 2014

Transformers: The Covenant of Primus by Justina Robson

I have to admit, part of the reason I got The Covenant of Primus was the crazy-cool case it comes in: a transforming Autobot logo.  I didn’t give much thought to the contents, other than hoping it wouldn’t be crappy.

I was pleasantly surprised by the book.  It was surprisingly coherent, well-written, and the illustrations were gorgeous.  The Covenant of Primus laid out the history of the Transformers as (mostly) set out in the War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron games, plus the Prime cartoon.  There were some inconsistencies here and there, and some simplifications, but then again, it can be quite a feat to reconcile conflicting histories from several sources and writers.

What I liked most about The Covenant of Primus were the chapters covering the earliest history of Cybertron, something skirted around but never really explored much.  The creation of the 13 original Primes, and their first battle with Unicron, was especially intriguing.

To be frank, it seems clear that this book was written to sell toys.  That’s okay.  I like those toys, though in truth I don’t really buy any except for Generation 1 reissues or Masterpiece releases.  Still, it’s fun to revisit the world of the Transformers, not counting the Michael Bay films, which I still have a really hard time liking.  If it weren’t for Peter Cullen, I probably wouldn’t even see them.  Oh well.


Books: Reading A Few Seconds of Radiant Filmstrip right now.  Quite fun.

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Writing: Finished with revisions.  Just have a few spots to double-check before I start letting people read it.  YEA.

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