01 June 2014

Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel 2012

Dashe’s Late Harvest Zinfandel is only released in years with, appropriately enough, later harvests.  2012 is the latest vintage to meet that criterion, which is good, because I was nearly out of the 2009.  Thankfully the memory of a bottle of 2009 was quite recent for me, so I could offer some comparison.

The 2012 was a lighter purple than 2009, though by no means light - it simply wasn’t as dark as 2009.  In the nose, I noticed a more syrupy quality, rather than the straight honey and clover of the 2009, and I even found hints of sumac.

The taste was bright and happy, with more berry flavors and straightforward sweetness.  The tannins remained in the background but were definitely there.

Dashe’s 2012 vintage of Late Harvest Zinfandel continues the tradition of excellence and remains one of my favorite wines.  I cannot wait to enjoy more desserts with it.


Books: Finished Kinslayer.  Catching up on Echoes of All Our Conversations and waiting for the next arrival from the library.

Bottles: An interesting Teroldego.

Writing: Going to hit the 75% mark today.  YEA!

Guitar: "Have a Cigar" and "Young Lust."