20 May 2014

The Death Cure by James Dashner

At last, I was able to read the last book in The Maze Runner trilogy.  I have to say it did, indeed, get better, and was probably my favorite of the three.  While I suppose it was an enjoyable read, it was not without its problems.  I find myself having a hard time saying I liked it.  Does that make sense?

One of the best parts of The Death Cure was that Thomas finally seemed to become an agent in his own destiny this book, making choices and dealing with the consequences.  Where in the previous two books he spent most of his time being acted upon, traveling down a prescribed course, this time he seemed freer to choose.  That was all to the good.

Where things fell flat for me, though, was the aftermath of his choices.  He made some really heartbreaking decisions at times, and there were so many missed chances for meaningful reflections on them.  There were so many times where I thought I was about to really feel something, but then the scene would be cut short.  Every time Thomas would make a gut-wrenching choice, the lack of subsequent emotional depth made the whole thing fall flat.  It was so frustrating and disappointing.

The Death Cure kept up the same break-neck thriller pace that its predecessors established, and actually improved on it.  I barely put the book down, it was so compelling.  But there was a serious lack of resolution, for me at least.  Character threads I wanted to be tied up were left hanging.  Beats were missing or glossed over in the mad rush to escape death.  Even in the quiet moments, scenes were rarely allowed to breath.  I’m all for brevity, but when you have a moment, you’ve got to make the most of it, not skim it over!

I think my number one problem with The Death Cure was the ending, which fell pretty squarely into deus ex machina territory to me.  BLURGH!  There were so many opportunities wasted there!

I still loved the world of The Maze Runner.  More than anything, I fell in love with what these books could have been, and I wish they had lived up to that promise.


Books: Finished The Kill Order, and I'm already quite a ways through Love Letters to the Dead.

Bottles: None lately.

Writing: I am SO CLOSE to 50%.  I will get there tonight.  I've already hit my primary goal of being less than 100,000 words.  There is a good chance I will get down to 80,000 or so, which is where I want to be.

Guitar: Starting something new tonight.  Don't know what yet.