28 May 2014

Saxum 2008 James Berry Vineyard - Revisited

I was recently afforded the chance to revisit one of my favorite wines of all time, Saxum 2008 James Berry Vineyard.  I first encountered it at Grouse Mountain Grill in Beaver Creek, CO, with friends.  Thanks to the generosity of those same friends, who shared the bottle they bought with me, we were able to once again sample the deliciousness that is Saxum.  We decanted it and let it sit for 20 minutes or so before we couldn't wait any longer to enjoy it.

The wine was dark and inky, typical of Rhone varietals (it seems to me), and oh, the aromas!  Cinnamon!  Cloves!  Was that a hint of vanilla?  So many it was hard to settle on specifics.

At the first sip, sweet honeyed notes stole over my tongue.  It was surprisingly sweet, with powerful raison flavors on the front end that gave way to warm oakiness at the midpalate.  It was vibrant and lush, with a sharp finish - surprisingly sharp, actually.  But as the wine opened that sharpness mellowed and the tannins smoothed out into a lovely, lingering finish.

I so loved having Saxum again, especially with friends who truly appreciate it.  It was a night to remember!


Books: Nearly done with Kinslayer.  Not sure what'll be next.  Probably one of my backlog of Echoes of All Our Conversations.

Bottles: None lately.  Getting some today!

Writing: Past the 60% mark.  Hooray!

Guitar: Still looking at "Have a Cigar" and "Young Lust."  Might take a look at "Welcome to the Machine," or perhaps some songs by Young the Giant, which I have recently discovered.