24 May 2014

Nisia Verjedo 2012

What a delightful spring-time wine this was.  It was an April selection from my wine club, and it was truly lovely.

Nisia’s Verdejo was one of the palest whites I’ve drunk, just a little bit straw-colored, but seeming crystal-clear from some angles.  The nose was heavy with the smell of peaches.

The taste was sweet and tart, crisp and light, with touches of peach, floral notes, and a bit of minerality.  It was round and airy on the finish, almost effervescent.

I don’t seek out white wines very often, but I enjoy good ones when I come across them, and Nisia Verdejo definitely fit that bill.  I’ll have to pick up more when I get the chance.


Books: Finished Love Letters to the Dead a few days ago.  I cannot adequately express how much I loved it.  It's my favorite book so far this year.

Bottles: New wine club wines coming Tuesday!

Writing: Almost at the 55% mark.

Guitar: "Have a Cigar" and "Young Lust."