16 May 2014

Continuum 2011

Continuum has been one of my favorite Napa wines since I was first introduced to it two years ago.  It is one of only two wineries I have ever been so compelled as to buy direct from (the other is Dashe).  This is my second vintage I've received through the mailing list, but I have had the 2008 vintage at restaurants before.

My friends and I decanted this wine to share and gave it about 15 minutes before we couldn't wait to drink it any longer.

It was a dark plum color, deep and mysterious.  The nose was full of oak and tobacco, opening up to very surprising honey notes as the wine developed.

The taste gave round, fleshy fruits on the tongue, with a strong dry backbone.  The tannins were chewy and delicious, showing the vigorous youth of the wine.  As we drank, more berry flavors shone through.  I'm sure if we'd been more patient we would have seen even more nuanced layers reveal themselves.

I can’t wait to see how the wine develops with age.  Thankfully I have two more bottles - and my friends have 3!


Books: Still nearly done with The Kill Order.

Bottles: Nothing new to report.

Writing: Hit the 40% mark today!

Guitar: Started looking at the acoustic version of "Everything is Awesome," plus revisiting some Pink Floyd favorites like "On the Turning Away."