25 April 2014

Graffito Malbec 2011

Graffito’s Malbec came to me from my wine club membership at The Cellar Rat.  I fell in love with Argentine malbec early on in my wine life, an infatuation that lasted the first year or so, and then I burned out on it.  Too many of them were too similar, and as I was getting progressively more and more disappointed with Argentine Malbec, I was becoming more and more enamored of Washington Syrahs and Napa Cabernets.

Then Graffito came along and reminded me why I love Malbec.

It’s a deep plum color, with great body to it.  The nose was mild and had traces of cedar and subtle spice, a far cry from the cloying fruit of the Malbecs I had become tired of.

The taste was still fruity, but it wasn’t overwhelming.  The fruit was secondary to the refined tannins and sharp acidity.  It had excellent balance and surprising complexity.  I wonder what the wine will be like in five years, or ten?  If I can find more bottles I will pick them up and see.  They are very reasonably priced, too - about $15 a bottle.

I’m going to have to take a second look at Malbec, staying away from the mass-produced ones and seeking out smaller producers like Graffito.  It’s been a long time, but I’m glad I rediscovered my old friend.


Books: Almost done with Why Buildings Fall Down.  Also reading The Death Cure.

Bottles: Continuum 2011, Papillon 2008 in magnum, Bodegas Ordonez Tineta Avante Ribera del Duero Tempranillo 2011, Nisia Verdejo 2012.

Writing: 70 pages in to the entering the edits on computer, and also finding better ideas even as I do so.  I think the first half of the edit is going to go a little slower as I was a little more hesitant to make big changes.  I was a lot more hack-and-slash with the second half and I think it's stronger for it.  But once I finish, I both halves should be in good shape.

Guitar: "Comfortably Numb" from PULSE.  Still.  It's a big project.