23 March 2014

Ramey Claret 2007

I'd been sitting on this bottle of Ramey Claret for a few years now - I only have one bottle of 2007 Napa left, and it's my Chappellet Signature that I'm saving for a special occasion.

I've had the 2006 Ramey Claret before.  You can see my reflections on it here.

The 2007 was a beautiful garnet color.  It was light in the glass - not as heavy as a pure Cabernet.

The 2007 seemed meatier than I remember the 2006 being, with hints of smoke on the nose - but still that powerful fruit.

The tannins were more refined, too, and helped harmonize the acidity, which was almost tart, with heavy currant accents.

I wish I had a larger supply of this and the 2006.  It would be interesting to drink them side by side.  Sadly my supply of verticals is almost nonexistent, nor do I have the fortitude to make it through more than one bottle of wine on my own.

Regardless, I loved the 2007 Ramey Claret, and my friends did, too.  This was the follow-up to the bottle of Ovide en Cerise we drank earlier that night.


Books: Finished The Maze Runner, and almost done with Paddle Your Own Canoe.  Not sure what's in store next - that will depend on the library.  I do have three more volumes of Echoes of All Our Conversations.  I might spend some time with one of them.

Bottles: Oh, man.  2010 Tor Beckstoffer To Kalon "Anniversary Cuvee."  And then a taste of 1983 Chateau Margaux.  Yes, the real deal.  

Writing: I made a lot of progress the past week on revisions.  I'm feeling pretty good.

Guitar: I was gone in Nashville and didn't get to touch my guitars.  Sad face.