20 March 2014

Ovide en Cerise 2009

A bottle!  It's been so long since I've written about one.

Ovide en Cerise comes from K Vintners, one of my favorites.  They're mostly known for their single-vineyard Syrahs, like K Pheasant Vineyards and K Wahluke Slope.  They make many other amazing wines, though, including The Boy (a unique and delicious Grenache), Roma en Chamberlin, and, of course, Ovide en Cerise.

Ovide is a blend of Cabernet and Syrah (67/33).  It's a beautiful blood-red color in the glass, dark and mysterious.  The nose is full of potent berry and mineral notes, along with hints of licorice and bay.  I'm a huge fan of K's Syrahs, but the addition of Cabernet definitely adds a different sort of power to this wine. 

The taste - so very much red fruits.  The tannins were chewy, not woodsy like I was expecting from the smell.  Ovide displayed a kind of raisiny, dried-fruit character on the finish.  Surprisingly succulent.

I shared this bottle of Ovide with my good friends to belatedly celebrate their birthdays.  We enjoyed it with cheese and Italian cured meats - both delicious, and the wine stood up to the salty goodness quite well.

I quite enjoyed Ovide en Cerise.  I wish I had more.


Books: Nearly done with Paddle Your Own Canoe, and I've started The Maze Runner.

Bottles: The above.  I am going to a wine bar later this week for some new adventures, plus I have a couple bottles with me here in Nashville that may need enjoyment: 2010 Telegraph La Crau (rouge) and 2009 Dashe Late Harvest Zinfandel.  Neither are new to me, but this level of cellaring is new.  Exciting!

Writing: Proceeding apace with the edit.  I'm getting more and more ruthless.  I think I am on track to hit my goal of 90,000 - maybe even 80,000.

Guitar: "One of These Days" still.  I am loving the lap steel.