27 March 2014

Domaine de la Vieux Telegraph La Crau (Rouge) 2010

I was fortunate (or foolish) enough to procure 5 bottles of Domaine du Vieux Telegraph’s La Crau 2010 Rouge.  This is the second bottle I’ve shared.

The wine was a deep maroon, with a toasty, slaty nose.  It had that Rhone character that I love - it’s hard to characterize, but it feels homey.  Like going to a little cottage somewhere.

The wine was chewy, and drier than I expected.  The fruit gave way to the tannins quickly - more quickly than I was expecting.  This is a Rhone wine of grace and power - meant to age.  I will definitely be giving my other bottles much more time.  I think I will also try decanting a bottle to see how it develops.

Telegraph’s La Crau is especially significant to me.  When my very first wine store, The Wine Cellar, closed, the 2006 La Crau was the last bottle I bought - I asked for something special to really remember the store, and La Crau was what was suggested.  It was an excellent suggestion and La Crau holds a very special place in my heart.


Books: Only one chapter left in Paddle Your Own Canoe.

Bottles: Nothing since Nashville.  Still have a backlog of notes to share!

Writing: Excellent progress.

Guitar: Started looking at "Rock and Roll Creation" and the PULSE version of "Comfortably Numb."